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In 15 words or less, please provide a description exactly as you wish it to appear in the directory. Descriptions over 15 words will be edited at the discretion of Catholic Services of Acadiana.
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Participating Store/Restaurant Agreement
This agreement confirms our participation in the Partners Card fundraising program to benefit Catholic Services of Acadiana, a non-profit organization. By completing below, I verify that I have read the terms of the 2017 Catholic Services of Acadiana Partners Card Store and Restaurant Agreement, accurately filled out the document, agree to be bound by its terms and to inform store/restaurant personnel of the conditions outlined. If you agree to the above, complete all of the fields below. If you do not agree, write "I do not agree".
We agree to offer a 20% store/restaurant discount off regular retail (excluding alcohol) prices from October 30, 2017 - November 18, 2017 to all holders of the Partners Card. The discount does not pertain to prior sales *
Stores/Restaurants agree to not limit the amount of transactions made with a Partners card at their location during the 20-day shopping period. *
We are not required to honor the Partners Card 20% discount on already reduced "sale" merchandise. *
We agree to advise store/restaurant personnel of this arrangement, encourage attendance at Partners Card training sessions, and to promote card purchases. *
The Partners Card is non-transferable. We agree to check for an appropriate form of I.D. and to allow only the card holder to make purchases. All cards must be signed to discourage card selling/sharing. *
I would like to be a community seller location for Holiday Shopping Partners Card sales. *
We understand that CSA assumes no liability in connection with the Partners Card, merchandise sold by our store(s)/restaurant(s) or otherwise. *
We acknowledge CSA retains all proceeds from the sale of the card. *
Each Partners Card has a cash value of $50. We agree to be responsible for the total value of the Partners Cards in our possession and the funds received from card sales. We will return all funds and unsold cards to CSA. Card sellers may not discount the prices of the Holiday Shopping Partners Card for bulk or short term usage of the card. *
We agree to receive and use the 2017 Holiday Shopping Partners Card logo for marketing and advertising use in print and/or digital advertising between now and November 18, 2017 *
We understand that we are responsible to CSA for the cash value of lost or stolen cards. *
Date *

By clicking submit you agree to be opted in to infrequent text messages and/or emails from CSA regarding the Partners Card and other service and volunteer opportunities.  You may opt out at any time once you receive our first text or by emailing

Did You Know

Each year Catholic Services of Acadiana...

  • Shares over 140,000 meals with people experiencing hunger at St. Joseph Diner
  • Provides safe shelter for hundreds of men, women, children and veterans through St. Michael Center for Veterans, New Life Center, and St. Joseph Shelter for Men.
  • Rehouses more than 300 individuals and families
  • Relieves situational crisis through more than $150,000 in emergency financial assistance at the Msgr. Sigur Center
  • Intentionally engages people experiencing homelessness in Downtown Lafayette and surrounding areas through the Downtown Outreach program
  • Offers access wash clothes and hot showers to people currently living on the street at Stella Maris Center