Catholic Services of Acadiana is currently the regional administrator of the Integrated Data & Analytics  (IDA) implementation used to record and share information among service-providers throughout the Acadiana Region and the state.  This statewide software solution is an intranet SQL database system that can be accessed anywhere there is internet availability.  The statewide system is governed by the Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium (LSNDC) and utilizes the software ServicePoint® which is registered and copyrighted by Bowman Systems out of Shreveport.  This database system provides client tracking, funding management, referral capacity, a resource database, and extensive reporting capacity.  CSA currently provides training, technical support, and data analysis to over 54 different programs in an eight parish area.  CSA continues to expand the system by incorporating other human services, disaster recovery, and coordinated assessment providers, thereby increasing the usefulness of the system as a client database and service management tool. 

Service organizations and professionals who are interested in learning more about IDA and how it can assist in their missions, or who would like to see a demonstration of the system in action are welcome to contact the IDA office.

IDA Support

405 St. John Street
Lafayette, LA 70501
337.235.4972 ext. 106